A lot of sisters and brothers

A lot of sisters and brothers

Genesis 5:19
And Jared lived after he begat Enoch eight hundred years,
and begat sons and daughters:

  Jared was 162 years old when Enoch was born, but after that there were sisters and brothers, a lot of them.
  The Christian walk begins in the family and shows itself in the way he walks among his sisters and brothers. That's important because they are the uncles and aunts of his children. Among his siblings is a man who walks with God and shows love, friendship, and fellowship. In the family, he assists in times of trouble, provides a listening ear for siblings who want to confide, and enjoys fun times and fellowship that build trust and unity.
   Because he walks with God, his brothers and sisters know their limits when they are around him, and some may admire his character and try to emulate him.
  The hardest people to convince that we are striving to live a godly life are those close to us. They know our secrets and the depth of our experience. The good thing about a man who walks with God is that his brothers and sisters know that his quiet and soft-spoken manner is not a sham, but it is real. They see him praying. They see him worshipping. They hear his conversation about God, the church, and helping others.
   They know he is a man who walks with God.

Black Perspective
  African-Americans should remember that living a godly life begins within the family and has the potential to impact not only family members but also the broader community. We should learn the history of our families, some of which date back to slavery days.
  The importance of authenticity, consistency, and being a positive role model are universal principles that should inspire us to strive for spiritual growth and positive influence in our lives and communities.
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