And God took him

And God took him

Genesis 5:24
And Enoch walked with God: and he was not; for God took him.

  Enoch's walk with God concluded with God providing him a shortcut to glory.
Enoch was spared the torturous climb up the hills of disappointment and the quickening descent into the valley shrouded by the shadows of the dusk of life.
  Enoch was spared the despair of sickness and the misery that accompanies approaching death and swished to his heavenly reward, non-stop, in a twinkling of an eye, to his father's house.
  Every child of God should be encouraged by the life and departure of Enoch.   Though the circumstances of Enoch's homegoing may vary slightly from those we expect, the substance and end result of our departure will be the same: home with my Lord.
  Though we don't expect our departure to rival that of Elijah, we know that if we continue our walk with God, one day, when this life is over, I'll fly away!
Every child of God says in the secret corridors of his heart, 'One day you see me smiling, and the next day I may be gone, for God has promised to carry me to his secret pavilion!'
  Enoch may have taken a shorter route, but he went where we shall go!
  Enoch may have made his departure on an earlier flight, but he is resting among the lilies where we shall tread.
  A songwriter once said, 'One of these mornings, and it won't be very long, you'll look for me, and I'll be gone... I'll be somewhere around God's throne'.
  Has anybody seen my old friend? He cheered a lot of people, and he praised God a lot. The other day I looked around, and he was not!

Black Perspective

  African-American seniors are encouraged to continue their walk with God, trust in His plan, and embrace the anticipation of a glorious transition to their heavenly home. Additionally, each should strive to leave behind a legacy of joy and praise for those who follow.
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