Stealing Identities

Stealing Identities

Genesis 1:27

So God created mankind in his own image, in the image of God he created them; male and female he created them."

  The devil is an identity thief, among other things, but God's life lock keeps him out.
  Impersonation is the hallmark of identity thieves. They try to steal everything that officially identifies a person, usually to get access to their financial information. To become you in the financial world, a person does not need to look like you; they only need to have your personal information. Since it's illegal to have more than one Social Security number, a person who has possession of your Social Security number has one of the most valuable keys to your identity. Add youíre your name, address, mother's maiden name, and birthday, and in many areas, your identity is sufficiently stolen.
  With your identity, a person can acquire a credit card, buy a house, take out subscriptions, get access to online information, get a background check, and set up a variety of accounts on the internet and in local stores, all without knowing anything about it.
  Despite identity thieves, impersonators, and imitators, there is something unique about each person that cannot be imitated.
  There is something within each of us that makes us different. It's not visible. It's part of our makeup. It's not our hair, voice, or eye coloring. It's not anything that can be seen; it cannot be duplicated, imitated, or impersonated. It's the secret to what makes us who we are.
  We are created in the image of God, not physically but internally and spiritually. We reflect his attributes and personality traits. We love. We hurt. We get angry.
  We also forgive.
  What’s on the inside of us cannot be stolen or impersonated; it is our true identity.

Black Perspectives:

  African Americans have often been stereotyped and discriminated against. It is important to remember that our race does not define us. We are more than just our skin color. We are individuals with unique gifts and talents. We should not let anyone tell us otherwise.
  We should be proud of our heritage and don't let negative stereotypes define us.   We are children of God, and we are loved and valued.

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