We are special

We are special

Genesis 1:26
Then God said, “Let Us make man...
  In all of God’s creation, humankind is truly unique. We are special.
Genesis gives a description of God’s creation of the world through singular spoken phrases such as "Let there be light, "Let there be a firmament," and "Let the earth, or waters, bring forth.
  However, in Genesis 1:26, when God decided to make man, it switched from a singular act into a word of consultation: "Let us make man. The creation of man was a collaborative effort between the Father, the Word, and the Holy Ghost, as indicated by the phrase "let us."
  Let us make man so he can have dominion over the rest of creation.
  Let us make man and ally him with the elements—from the dust, but full of life; of the animals, but far superior; but just lower than the angels.
  Let us make men in our image. In the image of the fatherly God. In the image of the obedient son. In the image of the empowering, forceful, and inspirational Holy Ghost.
  The Hebrew word for image in this text means "fashion" or "resemblance.      Likewise, the word "likeness" means "similitude, or manner. It does not mean that we look like God or that we are Jr. gods. It means that there are unique qualities within us that are similar in nature to those of the creator. We are similar to God in many ways, but we are by no means God.
  We are special; with value and uniqueness.
  We are people shaped and molded in the hand of God.

Black Perspective:

   African-American men must learn to recognize and embrace our intrinsic value and uniqueness. Regardless of external circumstances or societal biases, every African-American man possesses qualities and potential that are similar in nature to the Creator. The notion of "let us make man" as a collaborative effort between the Father, the Word, and the Holy Ghost underscores the importance of unity and collaboration. We must draw strength from working together, recognizing that our collective efforts can have a profound impact on our communities and society at large.

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