Elon Musk calls Mark Cuban 'racist' for supporting DEI programs

Elon Musk calls Mark Cuban 'racist' for supporting DEI programs

Musk and Cuban are arguing over diversity, equality, and inclusion (DEI).

Musk labeled Cuban a “racist” in X/Twitter messages for supporting DEI initiatives, Forbes says.

Musk claims Cuban supports DEI in the workplace because of his “ridiculous overcompensation regarding racism” and “if mental gymnastics were an Olympic sport, Mark Cuban would be a perfect 10.”

Musk also offered a UFC-style cage bout with Cuban.

“Discrimination on the basis of race, which DEI does, is literally the definition of racism,” X owner Musk said on the forum.

Musk questioned Cuban, “… when should we expect a short white/Asian women on the Mavs?”

A long statement on X/Twitter by the Dallas Mavericks owner explained that diversity is “Good businesses.”

“You may disagree, but I assume that people of various races, ethnicities, orientations, etc. are routinely excluded from hiring. We may identify better candidates by include them in our employment search, Cuban said. "DEI-phobic companies' loss is my gain."

“Our country is demographically diverse. People connect more with like-minded people in an age of commercial distrust. Diversity and stakeholder representation in the workforce are beneficial for business, Cuban said.

Cuban told The Wrap, “DEI does not mean you dont hire on merit. Merit-based hiring is standard.”

Cuban stated that diversity involves broadening "the possible pool of candidates as widely as you can." After finding applicants, hire the best.

“What makes the whole ‘what about the players’ comment ridiculous is that it presumes all positions are hired based on quantitative rather than subjective merit,” Cuban said. “They’re not.”

“DEI also does not mean you can’t fire someone if you made a mistake,” Cuban said.

“I wrote this on @x because I knew very well that almost everyone on here would disagree with me,” Cuban tweeted.

“I don’t virtue signal,” he wrote. “I want my views challenged. Learning via interesting talks is my goal.”

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