Pharrell Williams being sued by Pink and Victoria's Secret over new company name

Pharrell Williams being sued by Pink and Victoria's Secret over new company name

Pink is suing Pharrell Williams for trademark infringement.

According to Rolling Stone, the singer (born Alecia Moore) sued Williams for trademarking “P.Inc” for his promotional/marketing firm. The complaint argues Williams' trademark might hurt Pink's business and mislead followers.

Pink's lawyers ask the registration Trial and Appeal Board of the U.S. Patent and brand Office to reject Pharrell's registration because it matches her "PINK" brand.

“[Williams’] P.INC Mark is similar to the PINK Marks in sight, sound, meaning and commercial impression,” Rolling Stone said from the application. Williams and Pink offer similar products and services. … Williams will presumably sell its products to the same demographics and outlets as Pink.

Williams is also being sued by Victoria's Secret over its "Pink" collection, according Billboard. The corporation wants to avoid consumer issues with Pharrell's branding.

Pharrell Williams at the AMPAS Governors Awards, Ray Dolby Ballroom, Hollywood, CA 11-16-13.According to Billboard, Victoria Secret's attorneys stated that “Opposer's use of its ‘Victoria’s Secret PINK’ and ‘PINK’ marks predates applicant’s filing date.” “Applicant’s mark is highly similar to, and phonetic equivalent to, opposer’s ‘PINK’ marks.”

As previously reported, Williams and producer Chad Hugo, also known as The Neptunes, are in a legal dispute over their name. Hugo deems Williams’ attempt to obtain trademark control “fraudulent.”

Williams' spokesman said he and his staff tried to reach Hugo.

We have offered to share trademark ownership and management several times and will continue to do so, the spokesman said. “The goal was to prevent a third party from acquiring the trademark and to ensure Chad and Pharrell share ownership and administration.”

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