Shirley Caesar's popular chant "U Naaaame It" to be used in Red Lobster ads

Shirley Caesar's popular chant "U Naaaame It" to be used in Red Lobster ads

In a sense, the holiday season has begun. And to remind people that Red Lobster has teamed up with none other than the legendary gospel singer Pastor Shirley Caesar to sing their praises about their new, scrumptious dishes when they're hungry. Everything is done through a brand-new ad that is performed to the tune of her timeless hit, "You Name It." She was saying, "Shrimp. servers. The potato. Bosses' Sauces. No Bluffing with Cheddar Bay Stuffing. Pastor Shirley, you go!

As part of Red Lobster's NEW Lobster & Shrimp Celebration, diners can start enjoying a range of entrées featuring two seafood favorites on one plate starting today and for a little while longer! Delicious combos laced with seasonal flavors can be found on the menu, such as:

Tender NEW Lobster & Shrimp Holiday Feast Meat from Maine lobster tails and shrimp in a Christmas sauce with orange and rosemary. served with mashed potatoes, a choice of one side, and NEW Cheddar Bay Stuffing.

The newly introduced Lobster & Cheddar Bay-Stuffed Shrimp consists of roasted Maine lobster tails coupled with shrimp stuffed with bacon, mushrooms, Cheddar Bay, and a savory brioche. accompanied by a selection of two sides.

A roasted Maine lobster tail, linguini with lobster and shrimp, and grilled shrimp skewers are all part of the NEW Lobster & Shrimp Overboard dish. accompanied by a selection of two sides.

A side order of NEW Cheddar Bay Stuffing, Red Lobster's version of a traditional Christmas dish with bacon, mushroom, Cheddar Bay, and savory brioche, is available for guests to enjoy in addition to their meal. New, limited-edition seasonal cocktails* from Red Lobster, such as the lively NEW Snowglobe Sangria, NEW Seaside S'mores Martini, and NEW Cinnamon Whiskey Sour, are also making guests happy.

Red Lobster® is giving everyone a reason to celebrate the season with seafood, whether they're hosting a get-together with friends and family and serving up a spread of seasonal sides, shopping for a holiday gift for shellfish lovers, or simply enjoying a delectable lobster and shrimp creation while toasting with a festive cocktail—something that guests can do in-restaurant on Thanksgiving Day or Christmas Day this year.

Go to to locate a Red Lobster restaurant, or go to to place an order for touchless delivery or to-go.

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