50 Cent's Docu-Series on Diddy lands deal with Netflix

50 Cent's Docu-Series on Diddy lands deal with Netflix

The long-awaited documentary about 50 Cent's nemesis Diddy has been generating media buzz for months. EURweb reports that Netflix has picked up “Diddy Do It?”, a contentious production.

Numerous networks and streaming sites have bid for the multi-part series.

Netflix won the docuseries rights, sources said. The release date is unknown, but insiders tell TMZ that customers will be able to stream the shocking footage soon.

The arrangement has not been commented on by 50 Cent or Netflix.

Sean Combs, aka Diddy, faces many sexual assault charges in the documentary.

Making matters worse, Diddy is back in the news for all the wrong reasons. Crystal McKinney, a former model, filed a second lawsuit alleging that Combs sexually assaulted her in 2003 after promising professional progress.

McKinney says it happened at New York City's Men's Fashion Week. She claims she was drugged and forced into a restroom by Combs after smoking and drinking with him at his studio. In her case, McKinney claims she lost consciousness and woke up in a cab understanding she had been sexually abused.

She says the night's tragedy caused despair and a 2004 suicide attempt. Inspired by Cassie and others' cases, McKinney wants to share her tale.

As “Diddy Do It?” prepares for Netflix, animosity between two Hollywood moguls grows, promising a loud release.

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