AMC CEO admits leaking Beyoncé’s Concert Film News while keeping Taylor Swift’s a secret

AMC CEO admits leaking Beyoncé’s Concert Film News while keeping Taylor Swift’s a secret

The CEO of AMC Theatres confesses to releasing information about Beyoncé's “Renaissance” film to competitors while keeping Taylor Swift's “Eras” concert film a secret.

The chain released “Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour” on Oct. 12, 2023, and “Renaissance: A Film By Beyoncé” on Dec. 1.

According to AMC Theatres CEO Adam Aron, only AMC knew about the films in advance, and other theaters felt slighted.

Aron said he kept the concert footage a secret to protect earnings. Despite respecting Swift's camp, Aron broke his pledge to Beyoncé.

“We couldn’t blow Taylor’s secret,” Aron told Variety regarding keeping Swift’s film a secret.

The cinema chain screened Beyoncé's film differently. According to Variety, AMC offered its rivals a super-secret heads-up: Don't tell anyone, but be ready to sell tickets to salve injured sentiments before Beyoncé's film went on sale.

Aron stated “at least half a dozen movie circuits leaked the news.”

Because the secret was revealed, Beyoncé considered not doing the film. So they broke their promise, he said.

Beyoncé fans accuse AMC Theatres of “sabotage.”

“Beyoncé should never use AMC Theatres again. The @AMCTheatres CEO intentionally disclosed RENAISSANCE Film information to their rival before tickets went on sale due to upset sentiments. "He didn't respect Beyoncé enough to honor the business agreement and ran his mouth," one admirer tweeted.

Taylor enjoys the support of the whole American entertainment industry. They want her to be the most successful female artist. Another admirer on X/Twitter remarked, "They will be loyal to America's sweetheart no matter how mediocre she is."

IMDB reports that Beyoncé's “Renaissance” film grossed $44 million worldwide while Swift's “The Eras Tour” grossed $261.6 million.

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