Grammy Winner and American Idol Alum Mandisa died at 47 due to Complications of Class III Obesity

Grammy Winner and American Idol Alum Mandisa died at 47 due to Complications of Class III Obesity

Music fans grieve Grammy winner and “American Idol” alum Mandisa's death, which was announced. An autopsy found that the great vocalist died aged 47 of class III obesity problems.

Mandisa, discovered dead at her house by friends on April 18, was last seen three weeks prior. A natural death occurred.

Class III obesity, commonly known as severe obesity, is defined by the Cleveland Clinic as a BMI of 40 or higher or 35 or higher with obesity-related health issues. This critical health problem can cause deadly consequences and lowers quality of life.

“Yesterday, Mandisa was found in her home deceased,” a spokesman told PEOPLE on April 19. “We do not know the cause of death or other details. Please pray for her family and close friends at this difficult time.”

College music studies in Citrus Heights, California, launched Mandisa's career. She made a reputation for herself on season five of American Idol, placing in the top 9 with Katharine McPhee, Kellie Pickler, Chris Daughtry, Paris Bennett, Elliott Yamin, and winner Taylor Hicks.

The first new female singer to top the Billboard Top Christian Albums list with her 2007 debut album, True Beauty, caused ripples in the music business. Her Best Pop/Contemporary Gospel Album Grammy nomination followed this achievement.

Even though she was successful, Mandisa struggled with her mental health and weight. She publicly discussed how these fights made her turn to food for solace, causing weight gain and reclusiveness.

“You’re battling shame, and you don’t want to leave the house,” Mandisa candidly said. “I rarely left the house. Once up, I walked downstairs, sat in the recliner, and watched TV constantly. I only quit after I grew weary of pizza delivery and got McDonald's.”

Mandisa's death highlights the intricate relationship between mental and physical health and the critical need for awareness and help for extreme obesity and its accompanying disorders.

Mandisa's music and motivation will continue to inspire her family, friends, and fans as they mourn her tragic death. Her triumphant and difficult life shows her perseverance and skill, reminding us of the significance of compassion and support for people in similar situations.

Text “STRENGTH” to 741-741 to reach a licensed crisis counselor if you or someone you know needs mental health support.

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