Ice Cube confirms fourth 'Friday' is in production with Warner Bros

Ice Cube confirms fourth 'Friday' is in production with Warner Bros

Recently, Ice Cube said that a fourth Friday film is now under production.

The legendary hip-hop artist stated, "We're working on it," during an interview with Flavor Flav for Flavor of the Week on SiriusXM.

According to Entertainment Weekly, the project is progressing because of Warner Bros.' executive upheaval.

Cube went on, "We finally got some traction with Warner Bros." "My guy Mike De Luca, who was at New Line when I first started, when I did the first Friday and Player's Club and All About the Benjamins, you know, Mike De Luca was there," the individual said. "They have new leadership."

Cube claims that now that De Luca is working at Warner Bros., the project may proceed.

"Now that he's in charge of Warner Bros., he's like, 'What the f—'s going on with Friday, dude?' together with my man Michael Gruber. Let's restart this s— on the internet!

During the years Ice Cube spent attempting to have the fourth "Friday" approved, a number of the movie's major performers passed away.

He admitted on the show, "I was a little hot because they'd taken so long because, you know, John Witherspoon passed away, Tiny passed away, A.J. Johnson passed away." "Dude, you guys are slacking off and not finishing the movie the way it should have been done, and we keep losing people."

Cube informed Flava Flav that although the studio is behind the initiative, it must be executed properly.

Ice Cube said, "They want to do it, but the important thing is, Flav, it gotta be done right, or we shouldn't f— with it." Thus, they at last realized what was going on. Thus, maybe, we might begin the process of making that film.

In 1995, the first "Friday" was presented in theaters and made $27 million in total revenue. The sequels "Friday After Next" (2002) and "Next Friday" (2000) were released as a result. Prior to this, Cube had revealed that he had written two separate screenplays for a follow-up. However, he clarified on Mike Tyson's podcast, Hotboxin' podcast, that "the timing wasn't right" for the first script, while the second script "was in development hell" and eventually never made it out.

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