Iman Shumpert ordered to pay Teyana Taylor 7 Figures, $8k Monthly Child Support

Iman Shumpert ordered to pay Teyana Taylor 7 Figures, $8k Monthly Child Support

In their acrimonious divorce proceedings, Iman Shumpert and Teyana Taylor came to financial agreements.

The NBA player is reportedly ordered to pay his former a seven-figure sum one-time, according to the Jasmine Brand. In addition, he has to pay their two daughters $8,000 in child support each month. Shumpert is also in charge of paying their private school tuition.

Taylor is going to keep four homes worth over $10 million from the marriage, while Shumpert is going to keep his Miami apartment and his residences in South Georgia and Decatur, Georgia.

Additionally, Taylor will continue to be the owner of Auntie's and Taylormade. According to the Jasmine Brand, her ex will oversee his variety of enterprises under Shumpert Shump.

Taylor has also kept all of her valuables and received many opulent cars.

As we previously reported, Shumpert said that Taylor makes almost twice as much money each month in recent court documents pertaining to their divorce. The former NBA star used Taylor's monthly salary of $98,885 as evidence that he shouldn't be obliged to pay the current amount of child support, citing his $47,981 before taxes. This information was reported by TMZ.

During their rift, Shumpert demanded that Taylor produce copies of his bank accounts and tax returns after she revealed his high income in court.

Teyana filed for divorce in January after seven years of marriage to Iman. According to The Source, Shumpert is reportedly seeking a share of Taylor's pre-marriage music earnings.

According to RadarOnline, Shumpert has previously denied claims that he turned off the electricity at the house he lived with his divorced ex-wife and their kids.

As per the legal complaint, Iman never asked for or ordered the termination of any utility services, which may have resulted in Taylor and the kids being without gas, electricity, water, or other essential utilities for an extended duration.

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