Jeannie Mai denies ‘Gatekeeping’ Jeezy’s Parental Rights

Jeannie Mai denies ‘Gatekeeping’ Jeezy’s Parental Rights

In the midst of their divorce, Jeannie Mai denies "gatekeeping" the daughter she has with rapper Jeezy.

Jeezy wants the court to step in because, as The Blast claims, the couple's unofficial parenting arrangement for their daughter Monaco isn't working.

The hip-hop artist says that anytime he wants to spend time with their child, the former host of "The Real" acts as a "gatekeeper," but Mai disputes this.

In court records that Page Six was able to get, Mai states that she "remains committed to facilitating and encouraging" Jeezy to be involved in the 1-year-old's life.

The documents stated, "It is essential to clarify that Ms. Jenkins' insistence on reasonable safety measures being put in place—like having familiarity and properly trained caregivers—as well as securely securing and locking away all firearms that have been unsecure in the past—is absolutely not gatekeeping, but rather a responsible effort to prioritize their daughter's wellbeing."

In the court filings, Mai expresses her desire to “create a safe, supportive, and transparent atmosphere where both parents can actively engage” in Monaco's life.

It appears that Jeezy's gun collection is her primary worry.

She wants Jeezy to put away any weapons "that have been unsecure in the past," according to Page Six.

The complaint claims that Ms. Jenkins' requests are reasonable protective measures rather than an attempt to limit Mr. Jenkins' access to their daughter. They are based on her sincere concern for the parties' daughter's safety and security, particularly when she is traveling across the country and in the care of others.

After 2.5 years of marriage, Jeezy filed for divorce in Atlanta, Georgia, on September 14. The declaration states that there is "no hope for reconciliation" and that the marriage is "irretrievably broken," according to People.

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