Jeezy talks living with depression and life ending thoughts

Jeezy talks living with depression and life ending thoughts

Jeezy opened up on the “Tamron Hall Show” and dropped gems when speaking about his life and eventual success. He talked about his life growing up in poverty and the trauma he faced. 

“I learned that vulnerability is power,” he said to Tamron Hall. “I thought something was wrong with me, thinking I come from poverty; this is just how it is. I didn’t understand trauma and all these different things, so when I started to get the words for it, I started to understand and grab tools, I started to become better.” He added, “I started my journey, and that’s why I’m expressing it and putting it in the book because I didn’t know I was depressed for like eight years of my life straight.” 

The charismatic rapper even contemplated suicide“So it was all this stuff in my head. I just remember standing there, and it was for a brief moment, I would say at least about 10 minutes, I actually contemplated jumping in the water,” Jeezy said. 

“I had never had suicidal thoughts, but I [thought], ‘Well, sh**, if I just jump in the water, I ain’t gotta deal with this. I ain’t gotta go back home. I gotta do none of these things.'” However, his conscience told advised him against unaliving himself, “‘No, bro. You gonna have to man up. You gonna have to go back home. You got to figure this out.'” 

He decided not to jump, and when he got back home, he claimed he was “ready for anything.”

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