Kai Cenat Responds to Criticism Following North West’s Birthday Celebration

Kai Cenat Responds to Criticism Following North West’s Birthday Celebration

Kim Kardashian welcomed well-known YouTuber and video game streamer Kai Cenat to her daughter North West's eleventh birthday celebration. This decision caused backlash on social media, with people calling Kai "creepy" after he shared a picture of himself with the youngster.

According to Complex, North's "favorite" streamer is 22-year-old Kai. Following the widespread release of a photo of him with the Northie, others expressed disapproval, calling it "weird" that a "grown ass man" had been invited in the first place.

"I'm not sure who my daughter prefers to stream with." Someone posted, "Aint no grown ass man coming to her birthday party."

"Everyone who literally made yesterday weird, you're being so weird, bro," Kai clapped back. "I won't lie, everyone who turned yesterday into a strange event... Let me start by saying that I'm North's favorite streamer. She just wanted to meet me yesterday, then. That really was it! Therefore, whomever is making it strange, that's the most bizarre thing ever.

On June 15, North West turned eleven years old, and her mother threw her pals a party at the American Dream shopping center in New Jersey. Kai was a unique visitor.

After the event, he said, "We had a great time yesterday." He also mentioned how many kids follow his stuff and want to meet him.

"Kim Kardashian and I got to meet! I met North, and she's awesome, dude. It was all fantastic, dude. She has a good set of pals surrounding her. "Tomorrow is the vlog release date; it will last for more than 30 minutes. If you're interested in seeing how yesterday went, it was amazing."

Kai Cenat was having a blast during North's birthday celebration, according to an Instagram story shared by Kim. In addition, the delighted mother of four celebrated her oldest child's 11th birthday on Instagram, saying, "Thank God for you, happy 11th birthday my sweet girl North. I adore you incredibly."

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