Megan Thee Stallion denies Ex-Video Guy’s claim she made him watch her have sex w/woman

Megan Thee Stallion denies Ex-Video Guy’s claim she made him watch her have sex w/woman

As expected, Megan Thee Stallion denies her former videographer's lawsuit claims. Stallion's attorney Alex Spiro told People:

This is an employment claim for money with no sexual harassment allegation and lurid charges to shame her. This will be litigated.”

Rapper Megan Thee Stallion is being sued by a former employee for sexual harassment.

In June 2022, Megan's personal camera operator, Emilio Garcia, claimed in court records that he saw the rapper having sexual relations with another lady in a moving SUV while on tour in Ibiza, Spain.

While in a strange nation in the middle of nowhere, plaintiff could not get out of the moving automobile. Plaintiff was humiliated, horrified, and outraged throughout.”

The next day, Stallion reportedly asked Garcia if he was in the SUV the night before. After confirming his attendance, Stallion allegedly told him, “Don’t ever discuss what you saw.”

On the vacation to Spain, Stallion “berated and directed her fat-shaming comments towards” him. The legal documents said she called him a “fat b—-” and urged him to “spit your food out” and “you don’t need to be eating.”

Garcia, a Stallion employee since 2018, alleges he was “purposefully misclassified” as an independent contractor and his hours were not properly documented.

“As a result of misclassification, Plaintiff was not permitted to take rest and meal breaks,” documents read.

Garcia alleges California Labor Codes were violated because he had to “take on a myriad of duties and work much longer hours” without meal or rest break benefits.

According to the lawsuit, he labored “in excess of 50 hours under the close scrutiny and explicit discretion of Stallion, who continuously contacted Plaintiff at all hours, directing him to brainstorm TikTok videos, to edit the content Plaintiff had not captured, and complete various assignments

Garcia's remuneration changed from a fixed $4,000 monthly cost to a task-based system invoiced per assignment, reducing bookings, according to court records. He was fired in July 2023 after negotiating his resignation with a cosmetics artist.

Attorney Ron Zambrano said, “Emilio should never have had to be in the vehicle with her while she had sex with another woman. ‘Inappropriate’ is an understatement. Displaying this conduct to workers is illegal.”

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