Michael B. Jordan set to direct 'Creed IV'

Michael B. Jordan set to direct 'Creed IV'

A fourth "Creed" movie will be directed by Michael B. Jordan, producer Irwin Winkler has said.

According to Variety, Winkler stated, "We're planning to do Creed 4 right now— it's in the works— and we think we have a really good story, a really good plot." He also mentioned that pre-production had been delayed "because of strike, like everybody else," but that it would likely begin in a year.

In addition to playing the role of Adonis Creed, the heavyweight champion from the Rocky spinoff movies, Jordan made his directorial debut in "Creed 3." EUR was present at a press conference when Jordan gave an explanation of his decision to use the Adonis persona as a stepping stone for his feature film directing career last year.

"I have finally reached a point in my career where I want to tell a story, not just stand in front of the camera and carry out someone else's vision. I've been living with this character for seven or eight years now, and I've played this character twice before," he said.

Jordan said, "I had a lot to say as a young man, as a young Black man, just my life experiences, and how I could actually share that, share a piece of myself with the world - through these characters and through this story," so to be able to tell a story of where I think Adonis is at and also at 35 years old.

Thus, I simply thought the moment was appropriate. When we were filming CREED I, Ryan Coogler told me, "You know, it's never the right time," in a conversation. "You just have to take a deep breath and go for it, you know?"

And he really encouraged me," Jordan continued. I simply thought that now was the appropriate moment for me.

Jordan claimed he was most anxious about "connecting with people" when the press conference moderator asked what worried him the most about bringing the third incarnation of this property to reality.

"You know, I was anxious within my thoughts. As you can see, you're working with the writer and building and developing things. You're thinking to yourself, "Man, is this something that people will f*ck with you?" You understand what I'm saying? Jordan clarified.

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