Michael Irvin addresses his son's rap career, 'He is not a thug'

Michael Irvin addresses his son's rap career, 'He is not a thug'
Former NFL star Michael Irvin made fun of his son's rap career while discussing NBA player Ja Morant's problems.

In an interview on the most recent episode of Skip Bayless's FS1 program "Undisputed," the former wide receiver for the Dallas Cowboys revealed that his kid Elijah goes by the nickname "Tut Tarantino" and raps about leading a false "thug life."

"I have a son." He belts. Tut Tarantino is his rap moniker. if you ever give any of his raps a listen. I think, "Oh my god." Son, where's this coming from? Irvin stated, "You spent your entire childhood growing up in a gated community," Complex notes.

He's rapping my life, though. Because we fantasize and romanticize about living in the ghetto, as old criminals, and other such situations. When we used to labor, it was to escape. Somehow, we've reached a point where we're retreating in its direction. In everything, including the music.

Irvin has joined the rotating A-list hosts of FS1's "Undisputed," as we previously reported, when Shannon Sharpe left the program over the summer.

John Ourand of Sports Business Journal reports that Irvin will be joining Skip Bayless in a new format for the show, along with former NFL players Richard Sherman and Keyshawn Johnson. According to NBC News, "Undisputed" made a comeback on August 28 and adopted a different philosophies than its prior "embrace debate" approach.

Irvin, Sherman, and Johnson joined "Undisputed" subsequent to Sharpe's announced June split with Bayless.

Meanwhile, Irvin claimed that his son "raps about some of the hardest stuff in the world" on a 2019 interview on the "Dan Patrick Show."

"Son, you grew up in a 20,000 square foot gated community!" I tell him. "Where is the source of this stuff?"

"I worked hard to get you out of this, and you're rapping right back to it," Irvin continued.

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