Netflix announces new Dave Chappelle Show for NYE

Netflix announces new Dave Chappelle Show for NYE

Dave Chappelle and Netflix announced that the controversial comedian is dropping a new New Year’s Eve comedy special. Three years ago, his previous standup film, “The Closer, caused the LGBTQIA+ community to become heated regarding his biting commentary, and err’body and their mama wanted to cancel him. But Netflix said, “Imma stick beside him,” and fans are already anticipating that he’s coming to break more necks in 2024. 

“Cannot wait, he’s going to start off the new year pissing ppl off, hoping to be there front n centre 😂😂 love it,” wrote one person. Another said he was waiting with bated breath to hear Dave‘s perspective but hopes he doesn’t fold from outside pressure if his opinions are too pointed, “Excited for this. I just hope half of it isn’t him explaining or defending his jokes about groups. This is comedy no group or subject is special and off limits.”

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