Oprah responds to Taraji P. Hensons' concerns filming 'The Color Purple'

Oprah responds to Taraji P. Hensons' concerns filming 'The Color Purple'

Oprah Winfrey denied fighting with Taraji P. Henson around the premiere of “The Color Purple.”

Winfrey addressed a viral video showing her acting nasty with Henson. Some admirers think the actress is fighting back tears on TikTok.

“I would like to address the Taraji issue... People claim I did not support Taraji. Winfrey Entertainment Tonight at the 2024 Golden Globes on Sunday (Jan. 7): "Taraji will tell you herself that I've been the greatest champion of this film," Vibe reported

Winfrey noted that she is “Championing not only the behind-the-scenes projection” on the film “but also everything that everybody needed.”

“So whenever I heard that someone needed something, I'm not in charge of the budget because that's Warner Brothers, you know, the studio system works,” Winfrey stated.

Henson mentioned salary inequity and pushing for fair pay in press interviews last month. She told The New York Times that she pushed for “a lot of stuff on that set” for “The Color Purple” cast.

“They gave us rental cars, and I said, ‘I can’t drive myself to set in Atlanta.’ Insurance responsibility is risky, warned the “Empire” star. They rob people now. How do I seem driving alone to work in a rented car?

So I said, ‘Can I get a driver or security to transport me?’ Not requesting the moon. They say, ‘Well, if we do it for you, we had to do it for everybody.’ Do it for everyone! “I shouldn’t have to fight for stuff like that,” Henson told the outlet.

Henson's co-star Danielle Brooks said Taraji “spoke up for us” behind the scenes, and the cast didn't have enough food until Henson complained to Oprah.

“We as producers, everybody gets their salary, everybody is negotiated by your team,” Winfrey told ET.

"Whenever I heard there was an issue or problem, with cars or their food, I would step in and do whatever I could to make it right," Winfrey said. “And I believe that she would even vouch for that and say that is true,” she added of Henson.

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