Tyler Perry discusses new documentary and SAG-AFTRA Strike on ‘CBS Mornings’

Tyler Perry discusses new documentary and SAG-AFTRA Strike on ‘CBS Mornings’
Media mogul Tyler Perry made an appearance on "CBS Mornings" on Tuesday to talk about the continuing SAG-AFTRA strike and his new documentary, "Maxine's Baby."

Perry said he had little creative control over the ten years a camera team followed him to create the documentary on his professional experience.

"I'm not telling a story here," Perry said to the co-hosts of "CBS Mornings," "It's my life." "It was all worth it for me if that happens."

The forthcoming documentary bears the name of Perry's mother, Maxine, who died in 2009 following a protracted illness.

"I was thinking about her all the time. She was the focus of every task. Money was never my goal. Making enough money to take care of daughter, pay her medication, and ensure that we never again lived in poverty was the main priority, according to Perry. "My resources, no matter how great, were never sufficient."

"A tender, intimate portrait of the writer, actor, filmmaker, studio head, and media mogul," is how "Maxine's Baby" is described.

"The last ten years of working on this movie have changed both of our lives. Directors Gelila Bekele and Armani Ortiz released a statement in which they said, "Being deeply acquainted with the man behind the icon while witnessing the transformative impact of Mr. Perry's work within various communities has been truly awe-inspiring." "Our goal is for this movie to inspire viewers and serve as a meditation on healing and unconditional love, rather than just being a story about a journey to success."

During the daytime talk show, Perry stated that he gets inspiration to keep going from "watching all of the people who are coming into the studios, young, Black, everybody represented who has never gotten a chance in this business."

Over the course of his three-decade career, Perry has worked as an actor, writer, producer, and director. His films have brought in $1.5 billion at the domestic box office. The 330-acre property of a former Confederate military station in Atlanta became Tyler Perry Studios when the entertainment entrepreneur launched it in October 2019. He shut down his studios in response to the SAG-AFTRA actors' walkout, showing his support for the unions.

"As we examine everything and negotiate, it is crucial that [SAG-AFTRA President] Fran Drescher, [SAG-AFTRA Chief Negotiator] Duncan Ireland, and the entire negotiating committee do an outstanding job of advancing this. However, it's critical to recognize when we've prevailed. This contract is limited for three years. We'll be renegotiating in two or two and a half years, according to Perry. Thus, we must ascertain our victories, both overall and in the short term. That's the issue. Right now. I wouldn't be here if I had managed my business by attempting to get everything at once. I've used everything I can right now, so let's go on to the next possible step.
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