Man sues 27 women for $75M after posting bad reviews about him on Facebook dating page

Man sues 27 women for $75M after posting bad reviews about him on Facebook dating page

A Chicago resident, Nikko D’Ambrosio, is pursuing a $75 million lawsuit against numerous women who posted negative reviews on a Facebook page, branding him as "clingy" and alleging harm to his reputation.

D’Ambrosio, 32, claims that his name and photo were disseminated on the private "Are We Dating The Same Guy" Facebook page, resulting in a defamation lawsuit against 27 women. He contends that he has endured defamation, doxxing, and invasion of privacy, alleging that the defendants knowingly spread false and malicious statements about him. The lawsuit additionally names a man and Meta, Facebook's parent company.

The social media page presents itself as a community dedicated to "Red Flag Awareness," fostering women's empowerment and safety from "toxic men." D’Ambrosio’s lawsuit asserts that the page has subgroups nationwide where users can attack the character of men encountered online. The complaint states that the private and heavily moderated nature of the group allows potentially defamatory statements against thousands of men, unbeknownst to them.

D’Ambrosio's legal filing contends that the defendants made false and defamatory statements about their experiences with him, resulting in personal humiliation, mental anguish, emotional distress, stress, anxiety, and lost earnings. He recounts meeting a woman at a Chicago cultural event, engaging in consensual sex the same night, and subsequently going on "unremarkable" dates without entering an exclusive relationship.

The woman allegedly posted on the Facebook group, describing D’Ambrosio as becoming "very clingy very fast," discussing his wealth, and making unsettling remarks during business calls. The post included a photo of D’Ambrosio, prompting several women to share similar experiences in the comments.

The lawsuit highlights comments from other women, such as one who claimed D’Ambrosio sent offensive texts after she declined to spend the night with him. The original poster initially shared the content under her real name but reposted it anonymously on the Facebook group page after D’Ambrosio's lawyers contacted her.

The lawsuit characterizes the defendants' actions as "outrageous, cruel, and malicious," surpassing the bounds of decency and constituting atrocious and intolerable behavior in a civilized community.

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