Miami Police Department unveils new Rolls Royce Patrol Car

Miami Police Department unveils new Rolls Royce Patrol Car

The Miami Beach PD's new Rolls-Royce patrol car has been criticized online as a waste of government money.

The MBPD worked with Braman Motors on the premium patrol vehicle, the Miami New Times reported. The department showcased its new Rolls-Royce to boost recruiting. It will promote the department's recruitment staff.

Chief Wayne Jones stated in a news statement, “This vehicle represents our commitment to innovation and our dedication to recruiting the best and brightest individuals to serve our community.

Braman owns the car, and the dealership “sponsored all costs associated with this project following the [City of Miami Beach] policy,” public information officer Christopher Bess told the New Times.

The agency captioned the picture, "Crafted with Precision: Miami Beach police officers and professional staff demonstrate the highest standards of dedication and quality policing in our unparalleled commitment to residents and visitors." The MBPD recruitment team is excited to welcome @braman_miami's spectacular addition!

One commenter said, “N***as be going to jail in style.”

Another IG user said, “Too bad Braman can’t donate that kind of money to help the hungry and homeless. It would boost MBPD and MB overall.”

A third said, “Streets need safety, not showpieces.”

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