The most well-liked item from Popeyes since its chicken sandwich was just released

The most well-liked item from Popeyes since its chicken sandwich was just released

Nowadays, it's likely impossible for you to picture a Popeyes menu without the adored Fried Chicken Sandwich on it. However, there's no way we could ever forget the sandwich's 2019 relaunch, also known as the day Popeyes broke the internet. The "chicken sandwich" dispute started online when many people argued that Popeyes' product was the best chicken sandwich available since customers flocked to drive-thrus to try the new and improved menu item.

The chicken sandwich from Popeyes (along with the other two variations) is still a very popular menu item today, surpassing expectations for the eatery. Its most recent launch, though, possibly might have.

Popeyes introduced a new flavor of wings in August that catered to the summertime "swicy" (sweet and spicy) craze that had been appearing on menus and in grocery stores. In order to provide a little amount of heat and a sense of sweetness to each bite, the new Sweet 'N Spicy Wings take Popeyes' famous crispy chicken wings and toss them in a chile, garlic, and ginger mixture.

The six-piece wings were made available by Popeyes as a new, limited menu item during the football season. Even though the NFL season hasn't even officially started yet, Popeyes Sweet 'N Spicy Wings have already received positive reviews just two weeks after their debut.

According to a Popeyes spokesman, the launch of Sweet 'N Spicy Wings is Popeyes' best-selling launch since the Fried Chicken Sandwich mania in 2019.

"Popeyes needs to keep the sweet n' spicy wings permanently on the menu," wrote @HeartBreakSeun on X (previously Twitter).

It's not surprising that more people are visiting the restaurant given the wings' extensive social media hype. According to a Popeyes representative, locations are experiencing lengthy drive-thru lineups that go around the block, similar to the launch of the chicken sandwich. While that's excellent for a thriving business, it also means that there will probably be a line if you want to see what all the fuss is about. However, the good news is that it appears that these Sweet 'N Spicy Wings will be worth the wait.

But there's still one more thing to wonder: Will Popeyes keep these already popular wings on the menu or will they vanish once the "limited run" is over? Only time will tell.

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