UFC fighter, Michael Chandler, under fire for how he raises his two adopted Black sons

UFC fighter, Michael Chandler, under fire for how he raises his two adopted Black sons

UFC fighter Michael Chandler was criticized for exposing how he raises his two Black adopted boys.

Chandler said in a YouTube show, “I’m not raising black children, I’m raising children.”

The former Bellator champion said, “Whether you are black or you are white, no matter what race that you are, there are certain things about being a man and being a good man when it comes to character and integrity and safeguarding the helpless and sticking up for those who need it,” Essentially Sports reports.

Despite backlash, social media personality Tristan Tate defended him. Tate, brother of notorious influencer Andrew Tate, tweeted: “Adoption isn’t for everyone but kids out there need parents. I admire @MikeChandlerMMA and cannot understand how someone would mock a hero.”

Chandler's Black boy parenting views are varied on social media.

One X/Twitter user asked, “Why do white people adopt black children? They always chose black kids from white youngsters without white parents. I guess they expect affection or a pass. Idk. Strange sh*t.”

Another said, “I think his heart is in the right place but I HOPE he doesn’t have to learn the hard way that raising children of color is different. Yes, you should raise them to be honest, upstanding men/women, but one experience with someone/people who aren't and it'll all be about their skin color. Many white people are unaware of this, which doesn't mean they're terrible or don't care, but if you're white and parenting children of race, you must educate yourself and talk to black dads.

A third said, “No. Listening to 5 minutes and 30 seconds of imagination and wishful thinking. His black children must comprehend what it means to be black in America and the world.

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