Airbnb squatter moves out of Los Angeles Mansion after 570 Days

Airbnb squatter moves out of Los Angeles Mansion after 570 Days

After a protracted court battle with the landowner, serial squatter Elizabeth Hirschhorn has finally moved out of a rental property in Brentwood.

As we previously reported, Hirschhorn was requesting $100,000 in payment to leave Sascha Jovanovic's estate, where he had stayed for 570 days without paying rent.

The woman was supposed to stay for six months after renting the guest house through Airbnb more than two years ago, but she declined to stay after the contract was up, according to the Los Angeles Times. Renowned dentist Jovanovic first consented to a long-term lease outside of the app, but when she refused to vacate, he was compelled to file for divorce.

A judge in Los Angeles ruled that he lacked the authority to evict the squatter due to the guesthouse's lack of registration and occupancy permit. As per the case, Hirschhorn should not have been charged rent from the start since Jovanovic "had a shower built without a permit, meaning it's not a legal rental," the Express claims.

Hirschhorn claimed the doctor had tenant rights and sued her to challenge the validity of the eviction.

According to CBS News, Jovanovic stated, "I told her she could stay another two weeks at no cost so she could relocate herself, but that was taken in the wrong way, and she just squatted and never left."

Jovanovic "intentionally" concealed the fact that he had signed a long-term lease with the renter outside of the Airbnb site, according to a statement from Hirschhorn's legal team. The lease was never for six months. He tells falsehoods to hide the whole amount of rent she paid and her readiness to pay considerably more.

Jovanovic, who resides on the property, was interviewed for a documentary on the situation while Hirschhorn was gone on Friday. He claimed that after witnessing three men—who turned out to be movers—enter the guesthouse, thinking it might be a home invasion, he called the police.

Hirschhorn's possessions were all packed when the police arrived, and they led her off the property, according to Jovanovic.

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