Alabama US Senator claims 'we're losing our kids to a satanic cult'

Alabama US Senator claims 'we're losing our kids to a satanic cult'

Alabama Republican Sen. Tommy Tuberville warned the 100 Utah GOP delegates who packed a Bluffdale warehouse to hear him speak on Friday afternoon that evil supernatural powers are undermining America.

I've toured all 50 states and been in good and awful places. Tuberville, who campaigned for GOP U.S. Senate candidate Trent Staggs in Utah, claimed that a demonic group is taking our children.

The former college football coach and Trump supporter endorsed Staggs, one of 11 GOP candidates to succeed Mitt Romney in Washington.

Tuberville held up an upside-down pocket Constitution to say the 2024 election was “anti-American vs. American.”

“Our morals have eroded nationwide. We must return to the Constitution and Bible. We must restore God in our nation, Tuberville remarked. “No Democrat can say they stand up for God.”

Republican delegates ate it up as he jumped from anti-transgender remarks to immigration and border instability to predicting left-wing rioters will cause nationwide disorder this summer to assist Joe Biden win reelection.

Tuberville even said the federal government has been corrupted to target conservatives instead of criminals, suggesting a reference to the hundreds of Trump supporters charged after invading the Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021.

“Our Justice Department is gone. The criminal justice system is gone in much of the country. If you're innocent and love this nation, they'll put you in jail, Tuberville remarked. “We’ve never overcome a cult like this.”

The GOP delegates booed most when Tuberville and Staggs made fun of Sen. Mitt Romney, the party's presidential nominee a decade earlier.

“I’ve seen Mitt Romney make promises to Utahns he didn’t deliver,” Staggs remarked. “You have this option. Should Mitt Romney 2.0 replace him?

Tuberville defended his remarks to a demonic group in a brief interview with The Salt Lake Tribune after his address.

“They've removed God from everything we do. Tuberville called it a cult they're attempting to force on our kids and all Americans. “We must return to morality. We will have big difficulties if we don't get back to that and allow the Democrats impose this cult on us and remove God out of our country.”

Staggs is trying to be the most pro-Trump candidate. That endeavor has earned him backing from some Trump-allied politicians. Kari Lake, along with Tuberville, backed Staggs, who blamed electoral fraud for her 2022 Arizona gubernatorial loss. She is an Arizona GOP Senate candidate. Tuberville backs Lake.

Roger Stone, whom Trump pardoned for lying to Congress in special counsel Robert Muller's Russia inquiry, complimented Staggs during an event at Trump's Mar a Lago property in Florida. Stone and many far-right Proud Boys militia members worked for former Utah GOP congressional candidate Jason Preston in 2022. Preston backs Staggs for Senate.

Tuberville will headline Staggs' $6,600 per couple Lehi fundraiser on Saturday, in addition to campaign activities on Friday. After that, he'll campaign with Lake in Arizona.

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