Biden and Trump Agree to 2 Presidential Debates – First Set for June 27 on CNN

Biden and Trump Agree to 2 Presidential Debates – First Set for June 27 on CNN

Washington—(CNN) CNN has invited former President Donald Trump and President Joe Biden to debate on June 27, a historic early debate that will set the tone for the 2024 campaign.

I accepted a June 27th CNN debate offer. Donald, please. “As you said: anywhere, any time, any place,” Biden wrote on X.

Trump told CNN's Kaitlan Collins, “The answer is yes, I will accept.”

Both men accepted ABC's September 10 debate offer later Wednesday morning.

The report continues a rapidly increasing discussion between the two political opponents. After calling on Trump to join him for two news organization presidential debates, Biden's team told the Commission on Presidential Debates that the president will not attend their autumn debates. Former president immediately stated he supported past debates and would welcome any moderator, telling Hugh Hewitt.

Biden told Howard Stern, “I’m happy to debate him.” He was unsure of the format. In a social media video and letter to the Commission on Presidential Debates, Biden's campaign recommended June and September debate dates.

The Wednesday morning footage of Biden chatting to a camera was more direct.

Trump lost two 2020 debates to me. His discussion absence has continued. His behavior suggests he wants to debate me again, Biden remarked.

"Make my day, mate; I'll do it twice. Donald, I understand you're free on Wednesdays, so let's select the dates, Biden said, referring to Trump's court schedule. The letter from Biden's team admitted that the first debate would likely follow Trump's criminal hush-money trial.

On Wednesday, Trump said on Truth Social, “I am Ready and Willing to Debate Crooked Joe at the two proposed times in June and September,” adding that he would “strongly recommend” further debates. According to CNN, a top Trump advisor said they are “ready to debate” Biden and considering the parameters but want to debate onstage.

Trump's camp demanded four debates, twice Biden's. Wednesday, Biden's team avoided queries regarding that request.

Quentin Fulks, Biden's deputy campaign manager, told CNN's Wolf Blitzer, “President Biden didn't mince his words in the video.” He stated two debates — one in June, one in September, before people began casting their ballots — no spectacle, respect for the rules

Three CNN sources said the Biden and Trump campaigns' informal debate discussions in recent weeks focused on their mutual disdain for the Commission on Presidential Debates and possible ways to circumvent it. The Washington Post initially reported those talks.

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