Bill Maher says Black people celebrated O.J. Acquittal as ‘Payback’

Bill Maher says Black people celebrated O.J. Acquittal as ‘Payback’

Bill Maher, the shallow provocateur, returns.

After O.J. Simpson's cancer death, Maher and Piers Morgan reviewed the 1995 acquittal of killing Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman on Friday's Real Time with Bill Maher. As expected, the discourse was insightful.

Morgan was amazed that many “were prepared to accept that [Simpson] probably got away with it but thought it was one in the eye back in the justice system.” The acquittal was a “travesty of justice.”

But Maher told Morgan in his Deep Thinking Voice, “That's not what it was.I doubt anyone correctly comprehended that. I think Black people know he did it, therefore I don't blame them for cheering him on.”

Maher repeated what many writers have said: Black Americans suffered discriminatory abuses inside and outside the U.S. criminal justice system for years before the Simpson trial. Simpson's acquittal became significant in that perspective.

Maher and Morgan agreed that Simpson killed Brown Simpson and Goldman. Maher said, “Of course he did it! Undoubtedly, he did it. Piers, his sock had her blood.”

Maher claimed the trial resulted in “payback”—the same phrase a juror used with ESPN's O.J. She compared the acquittal to the Rodney King beating in Made in America.

“On a very larger scale, that's happening in America and will happen for decades,” Maher remarked. We can't forget our nasty racial past in a lifetime. The process is lengthy.”

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