'Flying Felon' sentenced to prison after attacking Nevada Judge

'Flying Felon' sentenced to prison after attacking Nevada Judge

The same Nevada judge punished the guy caught on camera assaulting a female judge for a second violence case this week.

Deobra Redden, 30, was sentenced to 19 months to four years in jail for attempted violence with significant bodily injury by Clark County Judge Mary Kay Holthus, CNN reported.

Judge Holthus was assaulted in court during a sentencing hearing on Jan. 3. After the court refused him bail and sentenced him to jail, Redden jumped over the bench to assault Holthus. Before she finishes, Redden runs toward her, hops over her bench, and strikes.

After the judge falls, district court Marshalls try to halt Redden. Several seconds before the video finishes, they try to control him.

Holthus prepared to sentence Redden to 19-48 months in jail until his heated courtroom encounter last week.

“When we were last here, arguments were concluded and the court had begun to pronounce sentence when an incident, initiated by Mr. Redden, prevented the court from completing the sentencing,” Holthus added. “A different court will handle any other issues that may arise from the events that occurred last Wednesday.”

CNN reports that Redden was charged with seven counts of violence on a protected person and battery for last week's incident.

According to Redden's defense counsel, he has schizophrenia and bipolar illness.

TMZ reports that Redden faces 13 counts for attacking the judge.

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