Fox News Analyst: Trump will get Black votes because 'they love sneakers'

Fox News Analyst: Trump will get Black votes because 'they love sneakers'

This week, Fox News analyst Raymond Arroyo claimed Black Americans will vote for Donald Trump because “they love sneakers.”

The twice-impeached ex-president surprised Sneaker Con in Philadelphia over the weekend, showcasing his new self-branded products, including the $399 gold “Never Surrender High Top Sneaker”.

On Fox's Big Weekend Show Sunday, Arroyo argued that Black voters may forsake the Democratic Party and President Joe Biden because the former president is selling athletic footwear after the limited-edition MAGA sneakers sold out. (A footage from the episode went popular on social media later this week, bringing it to light.)

Arroyo compared Biden's declining minority approval to Trump's rising poll ratings despite his legal issues, including a $364 million civil fraud judgment in New York.

Trump endures, which must drive his opponents insane, even the sneaker thing. I used social media last night. Interesting as Joe Biden's Black support erodes, the Fox News co-host said after reading Twitter.

This resonates with Black America because they adore shoes! Arroyo said. They are interested in footwear, which is significant in the inner city. They say, "Wait a minute, this is cool!" when Trump launches his shoe brand.

The right broadcaster, who has been chastised by the Anti-Defamation League for spreading antisemitic memes, continued to assert that Black Americans will be readily influenced to MAGA due to their love of high-tops. “He’s reaching them on a level that defies and is above politics,” Arroyo said. The culture always overcomes politics, and Trump understands culture like no politician I've seen.”

For right-wing Fox News contributor Tomi Lahren to ask whether the shoe link would lead to “them going out and voting for Donald Trump,” Arroyo replied: “Anybody willing to put 400 bucks down for a pair of sneakers? That sounds like love and dedication. Some level of affection. Probably not only for collectors. For folks who want Donald Trump-branded footwear, he's connecting on a new level.”

Polling says Trump might earn double-digit Black support in 2020, the most for a Republican in centuries, but conservatives miscalculated.

The conservative polling company Rasmussen indicated that roughly one-third of Black Americans will vote for Trump days before the 2020 election. Right-wing media went crazy. Trump received 8% of the Black vote, whereas Biden received 92%.

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