Grandpa shot dead trying to apologize after 'finder binder' in Walmart parking lot

Grandpa shot dead trying to apologize after 'finder binder' in Walmart parking lot

A contrite California grandfather was shot and killed in a Walmart parking lot while apologizing to his suspected attacker for a minor accident.

Jonathan Mauk, 59, accidently turned his Chevrolet Camaro into suspect Shawntece Marie Norton's car while leaving to meet his family, his son said ABC 7.

Norton reversed out of a parking place while Mauk searched the lot for a spot. He allegedly hit Norton's automobile.

Witnesses said my dad felt responsible. His eldest son, Matthew Mauk, informed the outlet that he was to fault, so he stepped out of the car to apologize and was shot.

KTLA said that Norton, 37, shot the grandpa in the face as he exited his car to apologize for the accident.

She fled the parking lot after the shooting but was captured the next day.

Norton is now charged with murder.

After picking up his father's car later that day, Mauk's son said it had “no real damage”.

A scrape is on the fender. Dents and damage are absent. Scratches exist. The crash that killed him was that severe, Matthew Mauk told the newspaper.

Matthew Mauk claimed his father, who “liked being called Grandpa” because “he loved the title,” merely stopped at the supermarket to get salt and soda to make homemade beef jerky with the family.

“I can’t even put into words why that happened or what would go through a person’s mind to make that seem like an acceptable action,” Matthew Mauk said. “None of it makes sense.”

Mauk was a family guy, classic vehicle lover, and reliable friend, according to his family.

“I cried when I found out he got killed,” Mauk's friend and coworker Lee Hall told KTLA. “Cars were his passion. He probably would have serviced her car for free, but she shot him.”

As the family recovers from his murder, Mauk's son vows they won't stop seeking justice.

“We’ll be there for every single court hearing—anything related to this incident,” Mauk stated. “We’ll be vocal and discuss it.”

Norton pleaded not guilty in her first court appearance this week, the site reported.

Feb. 15 is her court date.

San Bernardino International Airport is 5 miles from Highland Walmart.

Mauk's callous murder comes weeks after a Colorado grandfather was shot and killed in a quarrel.

Richard Sanchez, 60, was shot and died on a Denver RTD bus on Jan. 27 after arguing with a 13-year-old suspect.

Police think Sanchez and the suspected adolescent murderer argued over the elderly guy obstructing the lane with his leg.

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