Neo-Nazi groups protest in Florida, 'We Are Everywhere'

Neo-Nazi groups protest in Florida, 'We Are Everywhere'
Over the Labor Day weekend in Florida, neo-Nazis marched while yelling "We are everywhere," according to The Mail Online. Blood Tribe and The Goyim Defense League, two extreme anti-Semitic organizations, held a procession in the Orlando region on Saturday.

Former US Marine Christopher Polhaus, who is connected to the uprising on January 6, created the Blood Tribe. The Anti-Defamation League claims that the group views Hitler as a deity. Since its founding in 2021, the group, which forbids the membership of women, has been more active and has organized anti-LGBTQ+ protests.

A known harasser of Jews is the Goyim Defense League, an antisemitic hate organization.

The "March of the Redshirts" protest was planned by the two white nationalist organizations over Labor Day weekend. Videos of the rally that were uploaded on social media show that the groups were able to gather a small number of participants.

The planned demonstrations had been forewarned of by the Anti-Defamation League's (ADL) Center on Extremism. The ADL claimed that US Nazis were becoming more obnoxious and that some of them had publicly backed Governor Ron DeSantis. These people, according to the presidential contender, are not his actual fans.

A Florida House of Representatives member named Anna Vishkaee Eskamani criticized the groups in a video posted on X (formerly known as Twitter). This is "absolutely disgusting stuff and another example of the far-right extremism growing in FL," she commented.

The marchers had on matching red shirts, black masks, and black leggings for their uniform. They gave Nazi salutes, carried swastika flags, and shouted "Heil Hitler." At Cranes Roost Park, they assembled.

A different far-right organization known as the Order of the Black Sun staged a rally outside Disney World on the same day. According to The Daily Beast, the groups chose prominent places in an effort to garner as much attention as possible.

They harassed and called Laura Loomer, a right-wing activist, "anti-Semitic." "Very vitriolic and irrational behavior," she wrote on X. Even though they are irrational Nazi trolls (and perhaps even Feds), they still have the right to free speech and association. A demonstrator shouted that she ought to be "thrown in an oven."

Days after a racist mass massacre in the same state, the far-right marches have taken place. Three black people were shot and killed by Ryan Palmeter at a Dollar General in Jacksonville. He had two weapons, one of which was an AR-15 rifle covered in swastikas. As a potential hate crime, the event is being investigated.
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