Nigeria’s First Lady criticizes US Celebs’ ‘Nakedness’ after Meghan Markle visit

Nigeria’s First Lady criticizes US Celebs’ ‘Nakedness’ after Meghan Markle visit

In a warning to Nigerian ladies, the First Lady slammed American celebrities (including Meghan Markle).

The first anniversary of President Bola Tinubu's government was marked by Senator Oluremi Tinubu's address in Abuja. She advised young people to wear modestly and avoid US celebrities' exposing outfits, according to the New York Post.

“We have to salvage our children,” Tinubu said. “We see their attire. There will be no Met Gala. Nakedness is ubiquitous, although men are well-dressed.”

She said, “Tell them our culture doesn't accept nakedness. Not pretty. Not pretty.”

Invictus Games promoter Meghan Markle visited the nation this month with Prince Harry, the First Lady said. According to The Post, the Duchess revealed that she is 43% Nigerian after a DNA test during the visit.

Why did Meghan seek Africa here? We must take that home. We know ourselves. Keep your identity, Tinubu said. She also encouraged Nigerian women to embrace their beauty and uniqueness in her address.

“They’re all beautiful girls, but they should be sure of themselves,” she remarked. We are trendy and aware.”

Markle's trip to Nigeria was met with criticism for her provocative ensembles. According to The Post, one fashion expert claimed Meghan might have displayed “more modesty” in the nation and another said she “bared too much skin.”

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