Trump Prosecutor Fani Willis and Trial Judge Scott McAfee wIN their elections in Georgia

Trump Prosecutor Fani Willis and Trial Judge Scott McAfee wIN their elections in Georgia

(CNN) — CNN predicts that Georgia election interference trial judges Scott McAfee and Fani Willis will defeat challenges Tuesday.

The Trump prosecutor, Fulton County district attorney Fani Willis, is expected to win her Democratic primary rematch with attorney and author Christian Wise Smith.

Judge Scott McAfee, who is handling the former president's case, is expected to win his nonpartisan Fulton County Superior Court race.

It took months to decide whether Willis should be disqualified from the 2020 Georgia election interference case when she was found to be dating her lead prosecutor, Nathan Wade. Wade resigned in March, but Willis stayed. An appeals court will reconsider whether Willis should have been removed from the lawsuit.

This has stalled the Trump case. In the Georgia case, the Supreme Court may determine this summer whether the former president has immunity from prosecution.

Willis' 2020 Democratic primary opponent, Wise Smith, placed third for Fulton County district attorney. In this year's campaign, he questioned Willis' office's Trump prosecution resources. In a March CNN interview with Laura Coates, Wise Smith stated it was "very unfortunate" that her personal life was so public. In that way, I feel for her.”

Republican attorney Courtney Kramer, a Trump White House lawyer, will face Willis. Kramer, the Republican primary's unchallenged nominee, will be the underdog facing Willis in deep-blue Fulton County, which includes most of Atlanta. Trump received 26% of the county's 2020 vote, while Biden received 73%.

On Tuesday, McAfee challenged criminal defense lawyer and talk radio broadcaster Robert Patillo in his nonpartisan general election. When facts of Willis' intimate involvement with Wade emerged, Patillo, a “conservative Democrat,” attacked McAfee's handling of the decision not to remove her from prosecution.

Tiffani Johnson, another candidate, was disqualified after failing to attend a hearing questioning her candidacy.

McAfee, appointed by Republican Gov. Brian Kemp in December 2022 to cover a retirement void, was elected for the first time Tuesday.

On Tuesday in Atlanta, McAfee told CNN he “really enjoyed kind of being out there on the trail.”

“Usually, we are in this legal bubble, where you are just talking to lawyers, and being out there talking to other folks is healthy,” he added.

McAfee also sought to boost voter faith in institutions.

Judge: "In my little corner of the world, if I can do everything I can to instill that trust, to further that trust, that is what I try to do."

Influential nonpartisan figures helped McAfee raise a lot of money. Kemp and Democrat former Gov. Roy Barnes headlined a McAfee fundraiser event. Kemp may testify in the Trump case. Barnes testified in the Willis disqualification case.

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