Virginia transgender Senator storms out of chambers after being called 'Sir' by Lt. Gov

Virginia transgender Senator storms out of chambers after being called 'Sir' by Lt. Gov

A rising star lieutenant governor called a transgender Virginia state senator'sir' as she stormed out.

Virginia Democrat Danica A. Roem, 39, marched out of the chamber when Lieutenant Governor Winsome Earle-Sears, 59, misgendered her.

The legislature went into break twice after the statement, with footage of the event emerging.

Senator Roem asks, 'Madame President how many votes would it need to approve this law with the emergency provision.'

Senator Roem leaves when the Lieutenant Governor says, 'Yes sir, that would be 32'

The Sacramento Bee said that Earle-Sears originally refused to apologize for the statement but eventually apologized to the chamber.

She stated: 'I am here to serve the people of Virginia, not to offend anyone.

So treat everyone with respect and decency. Respect and decency have sometimes been denied to me.

As long as I'm senate president and with God's grace, I'll be respected and honored. I shall respect and honour everyone.

Each person is equal under the law. I apologize and hope everyone understands there's no offense.

CBS stated that Roem went home after the comments and has not reacted since.

When elected in 2017, Roem was the first transgender House delegate.

She defeated 13-term Republican Bob Marshall, Virginia's 'top homophobe' and social right congressman.

Marshall labeled Roem 'a guy who believes he’s a female who wears a dress' in a campaign interview, adding that most people confuse her with 'an odd-looking woman.'

During her campaign, Roem rebuked Marshall for calling her a he and refusing to debate her.

At the moment, Roem commented, "This is me." Millions of transgender Americans demand government representation.

She became Virginia's first transgender senator and only the second in any state Senate last year.

US Marines veteran Sears was elected Lt. Governor in 2021 with popular GOP Governor Glenn Youngkin.

Both are rising Republican stars and prospective White House hopefuls.

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