What Actually Occurred When Ohio Police Shot An Unarmed Black Pregnant Woman

What Actually Occurred When Ohio Police Shot An Unarmed Black Pregnant Woman
A police station close to Columbus, Ohio, will make body camera video of a fatal police shooting from last week available on Friday. The shooting resulted in the deaths of a pregnant Black lady and her unborn child. Her family attorney claims that the authorities are not revealing the whole truth when they state that she was attempting to leave while committing shoplifting in an exclusive interview with The Root.

According to The Columbus Dispatch, Ta'Kiya Young, 21, was at a Kroger in Blendon Township when a worker accused her and a group of people of stealing alcohol from the establishment. A few police officers were passing through the neighborhood for another purpose when the employee flagged them down and directed them toward Young. Then two officers came up to her from either side of her car. She allegedly refused their orders to get out of the automobile and instead accelerated at a police officer who was positioned in front of the vehicle. The policeman shot through her windshield a little while afterwards.

Officers shattered her window to help her out after her car crashed into the side of a building. At Mount Carmel St. Ann's Hospital, she passed away together with her unborn child, who was due in November.

Sean Walton, the family's attorney, claimed that a witness saw her leave the goods in the shop and actually pick them up, dispelling the notion that she was shoplifting. Walton added that the police' approach to Young in the parking lot was unjustified.

"[The policemen] violated the policy against using deadly force. The policy states that whenever an officer meets a moving vehicle while not in a vehicle, they must take evasive steps to get out of the way, according to Walton. "It was an overreaction and it is obvious that the violence against Ta'Kiya and her unborn daughter was senseless," the author said.

Nadine, Young's grandma, said the month that had been filled with birthday celebrations, baby shower preparations, and maternity photoshoot preparation came to a screaming halt. Young's mother passed away last year, and now her family is through yet another traumatic loss. According to Ms. Nadine, the family wasn't even informed of Young's passing until almost three hours had passed since the shooting. She was already gone by that point.

Young left her six-year-old and three-year-old boys behind and was expecting the birth of her first girl, according to Nadine. She was characterized as "the life of the party" and made everyone smile. She was an aspiring social worker.

Walton and Young's grandmother demanded that both the officers involved be charged criminally for their actions and that the body camera footage be made immediately public.

"I require prompt justice. I really need that for these kids so they can have faith in the law and know they can depend on the judicial system to act quickly and fairly, said Nadine Young.

The two (unnamed) policemen have been placed on administrative leave pending an investigation by the Ohio Attorney General's Bureau of Criminal Investigation, according to Blendon Township Police Chief John Belford.
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