Wisconsin Law Students forced to take racial diversity class, told 'there are no exceptional white people'

Wisconsin Law Students forced to take racial diversity class, told 'there are no exceptional white people'

First-year law students at the University of Wisconsin-Madison were required to attend a racial training lecture where they were taught that no amount of seminars will eliminate racism.

First-year law students at the famous public school began their second semester with a 'anti-racism' lecture based on DEI material, including '28 Common Racist Attitudes and Behaviors that Indicate a Detour or Wrong Turn into White Guilt, Denial or Defensiveness.'

The DEI instructor leading the session stated that, as a white person, '[you] may have attended many anti-racism workshops; you may not be shouting racist epithets or actively discriminating against people of color, but you still experience privilege based on your white skin color.'

You gain from this system of tyranny and advantage regardless of your intentions.

The archetypal DEI bible condemned 'colorblindness' and asked for 'words, phrases, stereotypes, slurs, words of bias, etc.' for 'Black folks,' 'Middle Eastern communities,' 'Latin/e/o/a/x communities,' 'Native/indigenous communities,' and 'white communities.'

Anti-racism specialist Debra Leigh wrote the leaflet. Her work includes 'anti-racism organization and training, international education, leadership development for under-represented communities, and performing and visual arts.'

She has created anti-racism courses for grade-schoolers, government agencies, religious groups, non-profits, and corporations, as well as colleges and universities.

Yale Law School alumnus and former civil rights lawyer Daniel Tokaji leads the law school. His latest work has focused on the Trump administration and Supreme Court's threat to democracy.

On his Instagram page, Joey Oteng declares himself a'social justice educator/PhD student, lawyer, blogger,' and 'educational consultant,' yet the page is mostly about his love of Hallmark Channel. The school engaged him for the reorientation.

One component of the program covered white appropriation of Native American culture.

The leaflet says 'spiritual or cultural appropriation' of tribal tradition 'poses a severe danger to the integrity and survival of original culture.'

'To fill a gap in their own spiritual center, some white people are attracted into the New Age garden to select from a range of native spiritual practices typically offered for sale,' it continues, before accusing white people of genocide against native cultures.

After losing their land and livelihoods, indigenous peoples now fear white people stealing their spirituality. Instead of discovering spirituality to overcome white racism, whites collaborate with native culture genocide.

Local Wisconsin Institute for Law and Liberty dissenter Rick Esenberg criticized DEI training:

The student body is exposed to gibberish that overlooks the law and actual equality for a racist worldview.

He said it was disappointing to see our state's sole public law school forcing students to be ‘trained’ in a set of beliefs that undermine the rejection of racial discrimination that so many worked so hard to make law.

An unnamed UW law student stated the DEI re-orientation and other necessary trainings 'make me feel as if I cannot talk honestly in my classrooms, nor with my peers.'

'I don't think this society encourages intellectual variety, only one style of thinking.

I shouldn't feel guilty because I don't chose pals by race. I shouldn't feel guilty that I value thinking diversity over looks. This institution's disagreement is disappointing.'

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