Former NBA Player claims Kevin Garnett is ‘Racist Against White Players’

Former NBA Player claims Kevin Garnett is ‘Racist Against White Players’
Kevin Garnett is "the biggest racist against White players in the NBA," according to former NBA player Mario Kasun.

According to Fade Away World, Kasun told a tale on a podcast about going up to Garnett before a game to ask for a signature on his Adidas shoes—a brand that Garnett was endorsing at the time. Garnett apparently replied angrily, instructing Kasun to take off the shoes since he didn't have authorization to wear them, rather than complying.

Regarding his boyhood hero, Kasun said on the June 26 episode of the "Jao Mile Podcast," "He was the biggest racist against white players in the NBA."

The Croatian professional basketball player continued by criticizing Garnett's actions on the floor, pointing out that his disparaging remarks were frequently aimed at players who were white.

Throughout the game, he and Gary Payton continuously insulted one other. Absurd," said Kasun. "During the game, Gary Payton makes fun of the fans who are seated in row 15." And I dunk on the head of the person.

"KG, please sign up my shoes," I begged him before the game. since he wore Adidas that season, and I wear Adidas. I enter the game wearing his retro type of shoes as I enjoy playing in them. In the English-translated interview, Kasun said, "And he told me, 'Kid, go away, take off those shoes, you don't have my permit to wear my shoes."

"I received those Adidas, and they were pretty nice. Thick soles on white sneakers. And I requested him nicely to autograph my sneaker, but all he did was turn around and walk away," he continued.

The 2004–2006 NBA player Kasun noted, "He was my idol when I grew up."

"In the NBA, he was the biggest racist against white players."
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