Jameis Winston sends video to fan after her mother died

Jameis Winston sends video to fan after her mother died

It's uncommon for an NFL quarterback to take time out of his hectic daily schedule to speak with just one fan, but Jameis Winston of the Saints is used to doing so. Nicole Jackson, a podcaster for the Memphis Grizzlies and a lifelong New Orleans Saints fan, lost her mother on Thursday. Jackson received a video from Winston on Friday morning with encouraging comments.

Winston typically shares his beliefs with his fans on social media through upbeat and uplifting videos or remarks. He recorded his sympathies and sent them to Jackson and her family, so it wasn't entirely unexpected. Just Jameis said that.


Jackson told Saints News Network, "It was something I didn't expect to wake up to 24 hours after losing my mom."  

This is just one of the many reasons we adore @Jaboowins [Jameis Winston], she added in another post. A dear friend of mine sent this to me in my inbox as I woke up. The fact that Jameis took the time to consider or speak on behalf of me and my family when he didn't have to is admirable.

Since Jackson's video was shared, her Twitter page was inundated with prayers and condolences.

As Derek Carr's backup for the first few games of the 2023 NFL season, Jameis Winston will play for the New Orleans Saints. Winston, the team's starter the previous year, led the team back from a 23-10 deficit to upset the Atlanta Falcons 27-26 on the road in the first game of the year. As we watched from the press box at the Mercedes-Benz Stadium, it was one of those wonderful moments. Nevertheless, Winston was injured by a fractured vertebra and a ruptured foot ligament, and Andy Dalton concluded the season as the team's starter.


Since Carr's arrival, the former top selection in the 2015 NFL Draft has offered his support.  Winston, who still views himself as an NFL starter, has temporarily adopted the mindset of the backup. He's keeping his body in condition in case New Orleans needs him to fill in for Carr at any point this season, according to his most recent workout videos.

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