Update makes the new Samsung Galaxy Flip 4 feel like the Fold 5

Update makes the new Samsung Galaxy Flip 4 feel like the Fold 5
The updates were disclosed by Samsung in a newspost, and while the most recent Samsung Galaxy foldable and tablet devices will undoubtedly receive them first, all supported models will eventually receive them.

Like the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5 and Galaxy Z Flip 5, the Fold 4 and Flip 4 will have an enhanced Flex Mode with a programmable Flex Mode Panel. Improved multitasking for both smartphones and the Tab S8 will also provide improved drag and drop between compatible apps. For instance, you will be able to drag a photo into the Messages app.

In addition to the updates for tablets and foldables, Samsung is also testing One UI 6, an update based on Android 14. The beta is presently available for the Samsung Galaxy S23 and includes all the standard features of Android 14 along with the ability to customize the lock screen much like iOS 16 and a newly designed notification center with easy controls.

According to Janghyun Yoon, executive vice president of mobile experience at Samsung Electronics, "our mission with One UI is to reflect the unique preferences of our users in every aspect of their mobile experience." "One UI responds to the needs of our user community in every iteration, and we welcome user feedback on One UI 6 as we build a richer, more intuitive experience for everyone," the company says.

The majority of Samsung's smartphones and tablets, including those in the S-Series, Z-Series, and even the more affordable A-Series models—some of the best inexpensive phones you can find—offer upgrades for up to five years.

This update policy is commendable for e-waste reduction reasons alone, since it encourages consumers to use fully functional gadgets rather than feeling compelled to upgrade to a new one for the best experience like some other manufacturers.

A far cry from the days when Samsung phones would slow down and become unusable a year or two after introduction, this shows confidence that customers will be delighted to use their smartphones a year, two, or even three down the line.

Samsung is now informing customers that they do not need to purchase the Galaxy Z Fold 5 or Galaxy Z Flip 5 in order to enjoy the most recent technology. They'll be alright with their Fold 4 and Flip 4. We can't help but concur with them after publishing both a Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5 review and a Galaxy Z Flip 5 review.
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