US Energy Secretary takes electric car roadtrip, couldn't find enough chargers

US Energy Secretary takes electric car roadtrip, couldn't find enough chargers
The absence of electric vehicle chargers proved to be a predicted but aggravating challenge for the US Secretary of Energy and her crew when they set out on a road trip to promote electric automobiles.

According to a report by Insider in April, there are only roughly three electric vehicle charging outlets for every 10,000 individuals in the United States.

According to NPR, Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm and her colleagues were having such problems finding charges that at one point the police were called in.

Four-day electric vehicle procession that was traveling from Charlotte to Memphis ran into trouble in Grovestown, Georgia. When the group discovered there wouldn't be enough electric vehicle chargers to go around because one was broken and the others were in use, they were planned a rapid charge, according to NPR.

So, using a gas-powered automobile, a Department of Energy staffer tried to save one of the locations.

The relocation didn't sit well with a family who were also waiting for a charging space because it was a hot day. Since blocking an EV charging station with a gas-powered automobile is not against the law in Georgia, the family, who was traveling with a baby in their car, phoned the police. However, the police were powerless to intervene.
The episode brought attention to the urgent need for improved EV infrastructure as Granholm and her staff attempted to make things right, ultimately giving the family a slot and sending some of their own vehicles to slower charging stations.

As a bystander driving an electric BMW told NPR, "It's just routine," They will eventually come to their senses.
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