George Santos says he'll return to Congress once his former colleagues die

George Santos says he'll return to Congress once his former colleagues die

Rep. George Santos, a Republican who was ousted, stated he will run for office again after his former colleagues pass away.

"I'll be back," he declared.

Santos made the remarks in a much-awaited interview with comedian Ziwe that was made public on Monday morning, following his declaration that he would prefer the "House of Representatives" over the "House of Gucci."

Santos declared, "I'll be back. They did what they wanted to do," a reference to his former House colleagues who had voted to remove him at the start of December. They're all in their 50s, but I'm 35, so I'll outlive them. Every single, final one of them.
Santos was served a 23-count federal indictment earlier this year, which claimed, among other things, that he had broken campaign financing regulations and committed wire fraud and identity theft. Federal prosecutors have revealed that Santos is attempting to negotiate a plea agreement, despite his not guilty pleas to all of the charges.

A plea agreement can result in less time spent in jail or possibly even avoidance of prison altogether—a place Santos has stated he wished to stay away from "as much as possible."

Santos is not far off in his statements regarding the ages of his former teammates. Santos, aged 35, was among the youngest members of the House, which had a median voting age of about 58 at the beginning of the session.

The chronic fabulist has been able to accumulate hundreds of thousands of dollars through Cameo since his banishment. He apparently made more money on the platform in only two days than he did in Congress this year.

Santos raised the price of his videos from $75 to $500 per performance since he first started selling them.

Mazi Melesa Pilip is a local politician who has been registered to vote as a Democrat for more than ten years, and she was just chosen by New York Republicans to replace the disgraced former congressman.

Santos did not reply to Business Insider's inquiry about whether he would support Pilip; however, he did criticize her on X following the release of tapes showing her refusing to answer questions from journalists.

"Anyone miss me yet?" Composed by Santos. "I never avoided answering queries... I always made time to respond to challenging inquiries."

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