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Parlay VIP Access

Become a member of the Parlay VIP Club and get exclusive access to Reaux Fareal and the Parlay Experience.

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"I was joining just for the books but I was very impressed with how much more I get with VIP. This is awesome! Love it!"

- Leslie Powell

Membership Perks

  • Parlay Dividends icon

    Parlay Dividends

    You’ll see $5 in store credit automatically hit your membership account every 3 months. Money must be used towards buying Parlay products.

  • VIP Discounts icon

    VIP Discounts

    Take advantage of exclusive member-only discounts on certain products.

  • Store Credits for Program Referral icon

    Store Credits for Program Referral

    Invite a friend to become a member and receive $5 when they sign up!

  • Parlay Credits for Purchases icon

    Parlay Credits for Purchases

    Get store credit any time you make a purchase

  • Priority Customer Support icon

    Priority Customer Support

    Don’t waste your time waiting in a queue. Get priority response.

VIP Access

Here are all the perks of being a member...


  • UNLIMITED access to all Parlay Books
  • UNLIMITED access to Parlay Podcasts
  • ACCESS to webinars with Reaux Fareal
  • DISCOUNTS on all Parlay products
  • EXCLUSIVE videos and music
  • EXCLUSIVE Monthly Newsletter

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