Kyle Shanahan responds to Jimmy G's ‘weird situation' remark

Kyle Shanahan responds to Jimmy G's ‘weird situation' remark
On Wednesday, Kyle Shanahan applauded Trey Lance, a former 49ers quarterback, for handling his rookie press conference with the Dallas Cowboys. However, when discussing recent remarks made by Jimmy Garoppolo, the San Francisco coach's tone changed.

In Santa Clara, Shanahan told reporters, "You know, Jimmy, the remarks are the comments; I'm really not bothered about his statements.

When questioned about Lance's time in San Francisco coming to an end by Sports Illustrated's Robin Lundberg earlier this week, Las Vegas Raiders quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo took a jab at his previous team.

Strange circumstance, Garoppolo told Lundberg. "Leave it at that; there have been a lot of bizarre things going on up there in San Francisco.

But, gosh, I'm glad Trey got a second chance.

Shanahan gave his assessment of how events transpired during the last two years.

"I think anytime you trade up to the third pick in the draft and it doesn't work out, I think that's a weird situation, but that is the situation," Shanahan said. "So, that's what took place. It doesn't seem all that odd to me. The fact that it doesn't work out is rare, but I wouldn't consider it strange. That seems weird to me. How do you feel?

When the 49ers acquired Garoppolo from the New England Patriots in 2017, he was hailed as their savior. However, despite helping the team win a Super Bowl, he was unable to lead them back to the summit of the NFL. By the time it was all through, his relationship with the franchise was at its worst.

Much of the anxiety was brought on by the 49ers' decision to select Lance as Garoppolo's replacement in 2021, and it didn't get any better when they were unable to move him before the 2022 season.

Garoppolo acknowledged in his interview with Sports Illustrated that the previous few years had been "messy."

Garoppolo responded to Lundberg, "That's a beautiful way to say it. It is what it is, after all. As a player, you must take advantage of your circumstances. Every one of us is faced with unique circumstances, odd circumstances, or whatever else it may be. However, how you handle it matters. In the end, it helps you become a better person.

When initially questioned about Garoppolo and Lance, Shanahan tried his best to maintain a neutral attitude.

On Wednesday, Shanahan remarked, "I try not to pay attention outside of here." "I make an effort to deal with the individuals here that I must. And I've been feeling great about that. Trey was there, too. In fact, I enjoyed watching him while I was enjoying my lunch because Trey is as genuine as they come and that's how he speaks here. He acts that way every day. It was admirable to see how he handled it, and he appeared to be content and confident about his ability to move on and improve.

Now that Garoppolo and Lance have both found new homes, Shanahan is attempting to move on as swiftly as possible, but given how unusual the previous few years were, questions will no doubt persist.
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