Do what God told you, and don't lose hope

Do what God told you, and don't lose hope

Do what God tells you to do, and don't lose hope.

Noah was a man who had a big job to do. He was told to build an ark and save animals from a great flood. For a whole year, Noah worked on this ark, even when it was hard. He didn’t know when the flood would begin or end. He did as he was instructed and never lost hope. 

He showed us what it means to really believe in and stick to a task.

Sometimes, we feel like we have messed up too much and can't fix things. We lose hope. Noah didn't lose hope, even when things got really tough. He believed in something bigger than himself.

Noah's hope wasn't in people or things that can change or let us down. His hope was in God, who never changes. That's why he could finish his big task.

This story has special meaning for African Americans. We have faced a lot of tough times, but like Noah, we keep going with hope and faith. The song "My hope is built on nothing less than Jesus' blood and righteousness" is about this kind of strong hope and faith. It means that when we trust in God and not just in people or things, we can stand strong as Noah did.

Noah's story is like our story. Like him, we should keep the faith, work to improve our families and communities, and never lose hope that God will take care of the rest.

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