God invites us to get on board

God invites us to get on board

God invites all of us to follow the divine path and not our own. In his way, there is safety and protection.

When Noah finished building the Ark, a remarkable event occurred. God guided every kind of animal to the Ark, just as birds instinctively fly south for winter or lost pets find their way home. These animals, including seven pairs of clean animals and one pair of each unclean species, gathered peacefully on the Ark, an extraordinary sight.

As the last of the animals settled in, Noah prepared for the coming flood. The Ark was ready, stocked with enough food and equipped with systems to maintain the thousands of animals. It had arrangements for waste removal, ventilation, repairs, and lighting across its three dark, caged decks.

God then instructed Noah and his family to enter the Ark. Once they were inside, God sealed the Ark's only door, and soon after, the floodwaters began to rise.

The Ark represents God's offer of salvation to everyone. Like the safety the Ark provided during the flood, the sacrifice of Christ offers protection from judgment to all who accept Him.

In the African-American experience, the church has been likened to the Ark, a sanctuary amid social storms. Historically, slaves referred to the church as the "Ship of Zion," a safe haven from the harsh realities of life.

Songs like "Tis the old ship of Zion, get on board, get on board" were not just melodies but echoed a deep yearning for freedom and safety.

These songs and the church itself were vital in nurturing hope and resilience, guiding them through the turbulent waters of slavery and segregation.

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