God provides windows of opportunity

God provides windows of opportunity

Genesis 6:16
                                   A window shalt thou make to the ark...

When opportunity opens a window—a chance to move up or climb to another level—, don't play around; act quickly!

Noah was on a boat the size of a battleship, but it only had one window. He used it to orient himself and renew his faith.

Sometimes, we find ourselves in dark places, facing battleship-size problems and depressions, and then unexpectedly, a window of opportunity opens that gives us a chance to change things.

These moments are called 'windows of opportunity' because these precise instants, when chances emerge, often never reappear. The rarity of opportunities like job promotions or pivotal business ventures is what makes them precious. These brief windows of time are golden opportunities for us to elevate ourselves. 

For Noah, the lone window in the ark was a portal to envision potential and hope. Similarly, God grants each of us access to our unique windows, beckoning us to view and seize our possibilities.

As African Americans, we have faced battleship-sized social challenges marked by struggles for equality, justice, and recognition. Each window of opportunity, be it civil rights advancements, educational progress, or economic breakthroughs, has been hard-won.  Each time we get a chance to make the vision of a better life real we should take it.

God provides the window of opportunity, but we have to act in the moment. Tomorrow the opportunity may be gone.


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