One way in, One way out!

One way in, One way out!

Genesis 6:16
and the door of the ark shalt thou set in the side thereof

When you put something in God's hands to trust him; it's lock. There's no going back. Trust him completely.

The ark was the size of a luxury liner yet remarkably had only one door and a single 25-inch window. This architectural design has intrigued scholars for ages. The Ark, grand in its scale, was limited in its points of access – one door, which once sealed by God, offered no exit, and a solitary small window. 

The notion of just one door and a window in such a massive structure is a testament to the extraordinary faith of Noah. He believed unwaveringly in God's guidance, enough to enclose himself and the ark's inhabitants in a space with no escape once God sealed it.

His faith was such that he trusted in divine provision for light, air, and ultimate deliverance, despite the seemingly impossible circumstances.

Like Noah, African Americans live in very constrained circumstances. We began by trusting God and stepping into our situation with a steadfast faith in a brighter future, an unyielding belief in eventual deliverance from societal confines.

The sealed door represents not just confinement, but also a faith-filled waiting for divine intervention and justice, echoing our hope and determination to make it despite the tight dark spots that confine us.

We began our journey trusting God. We can't turn back. There's one way in and one way out. Trust God and him only.

It's a lock!


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