Tackle life with faith and purpose

Tackle life with faith and purpose

Genesis 6:9
Noah was a just man and perfect in his generations..

Tackle life with a divine purpose in mind. Be determined.

Noah exemplified divine purpose and obedience to God. He was perfectly attune to accomplishing his purpose.

He undertook the monumental task of building the ark, safeguarding the continuity of life on Earth. This parallels the experiences of many African-Americans who, through faith and perseverance, rise above their initial circumstances.

Consider a young woman's testimony during a Bible study. She secured a part-time job at a fast-food restaurant, with one of her duties being to clean toilets. Approaching this task with joy and a sense of divine assignment, she cleaned as if for Jesus himself. Her exemplary attitude and dedication did not go unnoticed; she was soon promoted, symbolizing a broader theme of elevation through humility and hard work.

Many believers share similar testimonies of starting in modest positions and, with God's guidance, ascending to roles of greater responsibility and trust. This journey is not just a climb up the career ladder but a spiritual evolution, acknowledging God as the source of all achievements and blessings.


In the African-American experience, there is a profound recognition that accomplishments, whether in political office, leadership roles, or personal feats, are manifestations of God's involvement in our lives. This understanding fosters a deep sense of humility, ensuring that credit is given to God for the successes achieved.

Emulating Noah's divine purpose, African-Americans are called to embrace their roles with humility and recognition of God's guiding hand. This approach is a testament to the power of faith in overcoming social challenges and making a significant impact on communities and the world at large. African-American history is replete with examples of individuals who, through faith, retraining, and perseverance, ascended to remarkable heights.

Their journeys remind us to remain reliant on God, drawing strength and guidance from Him to fulfill our divine purpose.

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